New Zealand

A long break from the blog.....a trip to New Zealand; a much-anticipated reunion with my brother and his family; a chance to experience a warm and slower pace of life. Whilst there, I took the opportunity to visit art exhibitions, the Te Papa Museum and the Botanical Gardens in Wellington; to have an impromptu ride on a quad bike around some amazing hillside gardens and to take one or two snaps. As ever, a lot has been going on in my head. Sometimes I think I should just DO things instead!
Anyway, I did try out the video button on my little camera.
The backstory to this being the discovery of a particular spot in Wellington harbour where the light plays on the water in a mesmerising way. I took a number of still photos which I liked but was ultimately dissatisfied with as I really wanted to convey the constant shape-shifting that was happening. The resultant moving image is a step in the right direction. ( step forward, one step would seem that I cant upload a video clip here! )