Trivial Pursuit

I've just watched a short video clip : Robert Hughes on Anselm Kiefer.He finishes the piece by posing the questions that apply to all of us : "what can I remember? what SHOULD I remember? He then states that "Kiefer's art sets itself against the sterile irony and sense of trivial pursuit that infests our culture. it affirms the moral imagination"
I know this is an increasingly important concern for me. Our culture is awash with visual imagery .....much of it falling into the "so what?" disposable category.
How does one avoid this particular pitfall?
First thoughts are.....
1)deciding what is really important and what needs to be said/ remembered Ie having clarity of purpose and intent
2)engaging in a proCess of creative exploration that seeks to find the best way of expressing what needs to be said/remembered
3)testing the resultant image/form in terms of its resolution (does it feel right? Does it satisfy?)
second thoughts are....
This is all too linear actually all this is going on at the same time in an iterative, networked way (eg intent can become clearer through engaging in process etc) But maybe 1-3 above are useful to a degree in that they give some sense of what is involved.

Oh well! enough deep thought for today!

wishing whoever is out there reading this a happy and creative new year!