Randomness and control

For a while now I have been feeling a push to explore other means of expression. I've been doing some online research into various printmaking processes and also recently attended a Chinese brush painting workshop. There is so much diversity in terms of approaches to painting and printmaking .....and knowing how long it takes to become familiar and proficient with any one technique.......I have been feeling a little overwhelmed!
So I've been looking at a range of prints and paintings and selecting those that have immediate appeal to me (Pinterest has been really useful). Then I've been studying the selected images to see what they tell me about what direction I need to move in. I haven't pushed at this, but just sat with the images on various occasions to let them make an impression. Marinading!
Some ideas are now crystallizing....
transience, fragility, appearance/disappearance, scratching the surface, veiled presence, layers, uncertainty, unknown, traces, gathering/condensing vs. scattering/dispersal, beauty, movement/flow, all remain as concerns
new realisations......
something in the area of fluttering/hovering/tipping point
working with randomness (whether to control/what to control/how much to control)
form/colour ( hinting at form / hinting at colour)
use of water....going with the flow.