A friend mentioned Pinterest to me some months ago and suggested that it would be of use to me. At that point I decided not to bother as I thought it would be something else that would take my time and distract from the process of imagemaking. Just recently another friend said how great she thought the site was. So, by now sufficiently prompted (obviously doesn't take too much),I decided to take a proper look. My perspective has shifted! It's an easy way of putting together images that can be used to map out one's interests and preferences......a way of recording and mirroring one's view on the world. The pinned images (and video clips if you wish) then remain as a readily accessible reference library for future use. Beyond that, Pinterest can also provide inspirational source material for one's current explorations .........a ground for creativity. It will obviously never replace going out and experiencing the real thing ......using all one's senses......but its a process that can aid in the sifting and assimilation of those impressions and sensations.
This is my Pinterest page :
You're welcome to take a look ...........just let me know if you start your own page!