The energy of plants

Every so often I decide to look again at all the photographs I've got archived on my computer. You know.....just in case there's a gem there that I've overlooked! I think I'm probably prompted to do so when there's been a shift in my thinking.....

I've been pondering on the notion of movement within an image. As I look around at my own and other people's images, I am seeing more and more clearly that some images are very still : frozen moments in every way. Some images however have a real feeling of energy about them. The type of energy/movement I'm talking about is not conveyed through blur or multiple exposure (ie deliberately created through technical means) but is something that comes largely from the thing itself; an inherent energy.
I've always loved tulips because of the way they're so clearly in constant motion; woodlands in winter when the sinuous nature of the shrubs and trees is laid bare; the curling tendrils of legume plants seeking purchase and grasses silhouetted against the sky as they reach up high.