False dawns

Sometimes an image can feel resolved straight away. From the moment of seeing the image on the screen, all the aspects seem right.
On other occasions, it might just need a slight bit of adjustment ( a bit of cropping or colour desaturation) and its there.

However, as my work is becoming more experimental and creative, I am having to consider other aspects of process.
Linked to my previous posting about eureka moments, I'm now driven to consider false dawns !

For me this is about those times when I've thought "Right, that's it. it's there. it's resolved. Job done." And then, after a while, the niggling doubts start. And I know I can't just leave it as it is. And sometimes the more I work at it, the further away the image goes until I think I've lost it altogether. To begin with, this is all at a very intuitive which i mean it's not
open to being spoken about's not a crystallized idea, but is something that is felt. Some responses to the image might then start to surface and be open to a more logical and reasoned exploration. But generally it's a much more non-verbal experience towards resolution. Beyond that point, its only when I still feel comfortable with an image after a few weeks that I know whether it was a false dawn or not!