Eureka moments

Well I think a weekly update might be a bit ambitious after all! Trying to keep a momentum going with the creative/development side whilst also dealing with all the organisation involved in providing material for exhibitions and fairs is feeling like a full time occupation at the moment.
It's so easy to get drawn into being busy .......
Deadlines and schedules can be helpful when it comes to getting things done, but can also force the pace too much, leading to rushed judgements and decisions. In every aspect of life there are choices to be made that should not be rushed. I like the notion of slow cooking ideas or issues.... Having gathered as much information as seems relevant (and not so relevant) and having considered the information from differing perspectives, I will then put the issue onto the back burner (ie do completely different things for a few hours or even a few days ). This in the full knowledge that my mind will still be mulling things over , but at a subconscious level. At some subsequent point I will suddenly reach a state of clarity , when I know exactly what I should do......a eureka moment!