The weekend around the Art in the Garden event was interesting. A few conversations with people whose work I particularly liked and with people who liked my work. Some seemingly chance remarks leading to new connections ......all of these things help to reinforce a sense of moving in the right direction.

Dialogue with someone who understands one's work at some level ( and therefore essentially connects with an aspect of oneself) helps to affirm and develop ideas , as well as to offer new perspectives. Sometimes, its not even a dialogue but just someone articulating their emotional or associative response to what they're looking at.

I remember the most moving comment I have ever received was from an elderly man who saw a photographic collage that I'd done. He came back three times to peer at the work and finally turned to me and said "You know that's just how I feel about my garden............ And it reminds me of Sheffield after the blitz when everything was beginning to grow up again through the rubble. Those shoots of hope."